Wednesday, April 4, 2012

My new car

Happy Wednesday everyone! 

I have awesome news to share with you all today, I would like you to meet my new car :0) 

That's right one is never old enough to be young again. For as far as I can remember I always wanted this car , ever since I started driving and now after 15 years I finally go it. So one thing is right know matter what your goal might be and how many times nothing seems to be impossible... one day just maybe one day that goal will happen. Not when you think you want it but at the right time in your life.   So here is my brand new car that I'm so in love with. 

This is how much I love this car, I'm already accessorizing it and off course it had to be PINK.  I'm not sure if anyone has tried to stick adhere vinyl on their car, so I figured I would try this experiment myself.  Although I was a little concerned if I was able to remove it or if it was going to leave a mark or if was going to peel off the car paint and I found a great FAQs here.  I also read the vinyl instructions and it doesn't specify if its a outdoor vinyl. I decided to cut these small daisy's and give it a try. Im giving it about 1 month and I will check on the vinyl and let you know the process. 

Materials needed: 

Cricut Vinyl 
Create a critter cartridge

I hope you like my post today. Have yourself a wonderful day!!!


  1. very cute I had a orange one and loved it but traded it off as soon as I had to pay for parts not cheap. but enjoy it is a fun car.

  2. Cute bug car. Congrats. Just to let you know that with the sun the vinyl or any sticker of sorts will leave an outline of the shape and some do peel the paint off.
    "Sunshine HoneyBee"

  3. Super cute! I put a fire department logo on my husbands new truck over a year ago and it is holding up just fine!!! I used outdoor vinyl :)


  4. Congrats on your new's so cute!

  5. Beep Beep! Have fun in this cutie!

  6. Congrats on your new buggy car. It's so cute and woo hoo a convertible too.... snazzy huh!

  7. Congratulations, Cat, you SO DESERVE IT!

    I also want to thank you for the words on your post, about the goals and the timming to achieve them... Just PERFECT.

    I know you´ll enjoy yourself EVERYDAY when you look at it and the pink daisies are such a JOY!

    About the vinyl, just be care about it. That´s ll. Don´t worry, just ENJOY it! =D


  8. Woohooo! Congrats on your new cute car! I love to see dreams come true! And that vinyl flowers are adorable! Enjoy!

  9. Congrats on your new ride! I just love it. I saw your post on Facebook but it was in Portuguese so I wasn't 100% sure that it was your new car. I am surprised that it's not pink but love the pink vinyl. You are one lucky girl, I love that great things are coming your way!

  10. Congrats on your new car.Love the added flowers.

  11. Parabens pela conquista. Seu carro é realmente lindo e charmosos.
    Bjs Ana

  12. I love your car! Its so funny because I have always wanted a VW bug too and even before i bought my last car I wanted one but hubby drives my car a lot when he doesn't want to take the Jeep and I knew he didn't like the bug so I sacrificed and didn't get one. I so wanted one. I seen this powder blue one that I wanted but my favorite was a orange one. It was a real pretty burnt orange. Course if I could have any color I wanted it would be pink...any kind of pink would make me happy. Hubby would be sick if I got a pink car!
    Deb C

  13. “…one is never old enough to be young again.” – You are certainly right about this. Your new car is adorable and amazing! You know, I once dreamed of owning a pink beetle too, but I never really got the chance to have that dream come true. I have my own incredible car now and I’m quite happy with it. Hmm. Someday, there might come a time for me to have that pink beetle. Anyway, belated congratulations on your cute car! I’m glad that you finally turned your dream car into reality. Take good care of it. Ciao!

    Maria Wegner


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