Thursday, April 11, 2013

Calendar/Blog planner

Happy Thrusday everyone!

I needed a calendar/planner to enter all my blog information, ex: release day, challenge, blog post, challenge ideas etc.. and I search and couldn't fin anything to fit my needs. So why not make one myself right... !!! So here is it..

I started with a old notebook (which was never used) when I say old its old... LOL I have this notebook for many years now and I never used it. I didn't take a picture of the before I was too busy creating it and when I thought of the before picture it was too late.

First, I search online for printable blog planner and I found this website. You will find two options the color pattern and the plain. I went with plain and created my own background.  Here are a few pics of my planner. I been using it for the past two months and its been working for me.

For this project I also used our make our calendar stamp setm which you can find it here

and for the outside,  I used my favortie wrapping paper pick it up at Dollartree to cover the book. 

Easy and very useful ;0)

Thank you for visiting today! 


  1. Great notebook I had found this website awhile back and thought what a great idea thanks for bringing it back to view and also revivein gthat old notebook of yours I love all your pretty ribbon that is added also-- Have a great weekend my friend.

  2. How cute. The link to the website is not working.

    Hugs Nana

  3. Hi Nana, thanks for checking, its working now.

  4. Super cute altered notebook, love the fun paper and ribbons you added as embellishments. Great use of your stamps too!

  5. Love this and it will definitely come in handy my friend!

    DT Sister

  6. Great idea, love the ribbon ties too. --C

  7. I love the idea and the explication! Its a project to try!


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