Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Wedding handmade cards - FA Wedding

Good morning everyone!! 

I feel like its been foreveeeeer, since I posted a regular post... not counting the design team post.  Boy where does time fly... We are in a new year and many many things have changed. But I will go into detail about that later! So let's just say changes are coming (like the new updated blog) that I been dreaming to finally launch. Can't wait!!!! <3 with that being said... It's wedding season and I been working hard on a few events coming within the next couple of months. So I managed to get some time in to post these last invitations that I finished.   My lovely couple wanted some rustic look to their invitations, together with their favorite photo.  So here are a few pictures from the production department :) 

These are their wedding initials and I cut them in heart shape to add to their invitation

Here are some cards that I was able to snap a pic,  right after my husband said...
don't forget to take a picture (LOL)

For the envelopes, I added circle doilies to the inside of the card. 

extra details are always the best of all :0) 
so I added small heart shape from tissue paper  

enclosing, I made this adorable rustic guest pen to match with the rest of the wedding decor. 
Working on guest book (will post once completed) :0) 

Wasn't that fun?? I sure had many joyful moments completing these invitations! 

I hope you all enjoyed my post today. Have a blessed day!! 

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