Friday, August 26, 2011

Hurricane Irene 2011

Hi everyone, I hope you had a wonderful week and I really really wish that your weekend will have sunshine and lots of beach time. As some of you may know I'm from NJ and so Unfortunately for us on the east coast are not so lucky this weekend, we are having this ugly storm coming our way. I really hope that Irene decides to take another path and just go back to the ocean and just be there.  I asked my son if he was worried  and he said no mommy because its going to go right. Little minds of innocence make us learn in so many ways.  So today my day was basically moving all my craft and baking things from my patio to another room of the house but because we are not sure what this may damage , I didn't want to take the risk of loosing all my supplies. So I was wrapping and moving all my supplies to a not so outside room.... I do love that room.  Anyhow I'm sure I won't be blogging or commenting on any post has I'm wrapping up all my things... I'am so nervous but I have given my worries to God only he can helps us through this.  May God Bless you all from this storm. Have a great weekend everyone, please stay safe wherever you are. 


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  1. Thinking of you as always, my friend... I hope you're doing okay over there. Love, prayers, and blessings for you and everyone in the storm's path.

    **even more hugs**


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