Thursday, October 20, 2011

Special Cards Request for Jessica

Hi everyone I'm here today to ask you for special request.   A close friend of my, has been hospitalized for over 1 month and with no answer on how quick she is going to recuperate.  I know that we are all different in many ways but one thing we all share is the issues that we have to face in our everyday life.  But when it comes to illness that when we need all the love and support.  So I'm asking if you can spend some time and send a handmade card to my dear friend Jessica sending her love and encouragement! I'm sure with all the love and care she would feel a least a little better. 

So will you be able to send a card her way? If so.. please mail it to the address below...  I'm going to see her soon and I would love to take the cards with me! 

Mailing address:  

Catarina Silva 
Docerela Creations 
 P.O. Box 1345 
Union, NJ 07083 

Thank you all for your love and support. 


  1. I'll be sending a card your way!

  2. You got my support Catarina!! As a RN and a friend I wish her a speedy recovery! I know she has great nurses at her side helping her get better!!


  3. More than happy to send a card for your dear friend! Popping it in the mail in the morning!


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