Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Its been a while!!

Hi everyone! Goshh I feel like I haven't blogged in  a LONG time!!! I'm sure that I haven't catched up to commenting! ;/ So let's see..... why I been MIA.... besides the usual stuff working on new stamps and organizing challenges , dt stuff and the baking. I was hired to do plan a wedding!! YIKESS!! I fininshed the invitations this week. Here are a few pics. Hope you like it....

Aren't they so FANCY??? I love the way they turned out!  
I guess you can tell what theme it will be :0) 

and continuing on... we also got a puppy!!!! A PUPPY???  YUP!!! a puppy!!! and she is the cutest....

Please meet FLUFFY =)

and if not wasn't enough I helped a friend out with a cute cake! 
I guess you can say it was my first decorating class!! <3


  1. uau!!!
    Fantástico!!! Adoro tudinho!!! Desde os convites, ao cachorrinho e um bolo ... bem que lindo!!!
    Uma semana bem agitada Catarina :D
    Muitos Parabéns por todos os projetos!!!!

  2. your invites turned out so pretty! Love the pup and def know how much work comes with a pup! We got one too! oh and congrats on your cake class! Love all your work!

  3. Beautiful invitations ! The puppy is soo cute ! Super cute cake also !


  4. You have been busy. The puppy...so so cute as is the cake and invites.

  5. These invites are gorgeous!! EEEK I just want to squeeze your puppy! Carri~Abusybee

  6. THE INVITES ARE SUPER AND i JUST LOVE YOUR DUCKY CAKE!! I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.


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