Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Black Friday Pink Expression Bundle & Happy Birthday Card (Parabens pra voce)

Happy Tuesday!!! 

Hi everyone, I hope that your having a great week so far!! Today was such a happy day my pink expression bundle that I purchased on black friday finally arrived... it took a while but I was so happy that it was here.  Anyways, I was doing a cool tutorial for you all unboxing it and its was going really well until I turned the machine on. The module has two wheels that sit on the tracking pad, so one wheel was not property in the track. So the belt didn't reset all the way back to its proper position.  I  was so upset I thought I had to call cricut and advise of the situation. ... but then after looking at it I thought that maybe I could fix it :0) after all it was only one wheel that was not on the track.  I was finally able to fix it all by myself. Boy I was happy that I didn't had to contact Cricut and I didn't have to wait another month for a replacement. :) whooohoooo!!!!! hopefully I won't encounter any issues again.  Have you ever had any issues with your machines? I sure hope that it was easy to fix. :0( I know we get frustrated when our machines are not working properly. 

Anywho.. here is my new Expression :0) 

I got the machine at a really awesome deal! It was my Christmas present 
TO: me FROM: me 

   Today is my mother in law birthday and off course I use the new machine to test it out. 

For my card I used: 

Echo Park Paper - Summer Days (flowers background)
Provocraft Basic Pastels Cardstock - Pink background 
Pink Journey Cartridge - Flip flop cut at 2 3/4''
Michaels - Turquoise ribbon 
Pink Sparkles 

I hope you enjoyed my post today. 

Have a wonderful day everyone! 


  1. So pink and pretty! Great deal! Sweet card! She is sure to love this!

  2. this card is beautiful!! Thanks for sharing and enjoy your new toy :)

  3. Enjoy your new machine. My daughter has the pink Cricut. Great card for your mother-in-law.

    Happy Holidays,
    Carson's Creations

  4. That Pink Cricut sure is cute! And the card for your MIL is adorable! I love the bow and the flip flops!

  5. OMG! Isn't it the most beautiful thing ever?! I got my pink Expression over a year ago when the only place you could get it was Michael's. It was the same bundle, minus the tool kit & vinyl. Mine actually broke after a few weeks (it just wouldn't turn on) but I sent it back to PC & got a brand new one - including all 3 cartridges again! I don't know if that was on purpose or not but I was pretty excited about it! That Pink Journey cartridge is hard to come by to say the least. I see them on eBay for $100+. Anyway, my machine has been great & I still use it more than any of my others - even my Imagine. Also, I really love your card! That ribbon is to die for! Have fun with your new pink friend!

    Diana :)


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