Thursday, December 22, 2011

Polka Dot gift wrapping

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Whoohooo I'm on a roll here today second post of the day!!! Okay guys so a few days ago I was online searching for some pink and brown wallpaper and I came across this wonderful website Simplethingssweetlife and I just fell in love with this awesome paper, after reading her post she mentioned that she purchase it at Dollar Tree Store.  I must of contact about 6 to 7 Dollar tree store in my area so I can pick up some. If you personality know me you know how much I love pink and brown. So I finally found a store and I took the drive to find these adorable wrapping paper, I have to admit I purchased all there was left... but I'm so happy I did. 

Here is my pretty polka dot wrapping paper 

and here's what I did with it... 

Using a 1'' puncher I punched some pink and brown polka dots 

and here is my wrapping 

I hope that you enjoyed my post today! 

* Please give credit where is do. *


  1. Super cute packaging! I love this paper! I also found it at the dollar store! What a great deal! Especially since it is so nice and think! Love your extra details!

  2. OMG I LOVE this present!! Such awesome paper also!

  3. super cute! and very creative to do the punching!


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