Saturday, May 19, 2012

Wedding post #10 - Drinking Paper straws flags

Happy saturday!!!

I hope you are all enjoying your weekend.... Now that summer is around the corner it;s time to plan fun events under the sun.  Can't wait  to enjoy the pool and beach.   I been working on these paper straws flags and we are almost done. This is only 40 of them we are still not finished but I thought it would be another cool thing to share.  

I purchase this template from this wonderful lady Daintzy you can visit her etsy shop here.  It was just a lot easier to create, print and cut. 

Our wedding theme is vintage and we incorporated the brown gold wording to the flags.  Each wording represents each table.   So we incorporated the table names to our straw flags. 

Here are some of the straws that are finished. 

Thank you for visiting me today. Have a wonderful sunday. 


  1. These are so fun! They are sure to be a great hit!

  2. this is so amazing! Love the idea!

  3. I loved them! The words are amazing! =)

  4. Super cute idea, fun sentiments too!


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