Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Wedding post # 8 - Wedding Invitations

Hi Everyone!! I can't believe its the 8th of May and I only made one post since last week.  It;s been super busy here from wedding planning, sick son and running around doing and catching up on other things I was finally able to spare a few minutes to post a word or two or three :0) So my fiance and I have been looking around searching to find our perfect Wedding invitations off course it had to be a DIY and Vintage theme and so with a great purchase from target some paper, printer a awesome template from this website and a little of time... we finally finished our invitations today!!! I think we are super early but I like to be ahead specially when we celebrating our BIG DAY!!! I haven't really posted anything recently because I want to surprise my guests but this they will be getting it soon. 

Here is our Wedding Invitations!! 

Don't you just love that crown?!?!?! 

If you need some wedding inspirations or ideas please visit this site

I hope you enjoyed my post today! Thank you for visiting my blog. 

but before you go... please 

save the date 


Have a great day everyone!!!


  1. So pretty. Love that crown and BTW I LOVE your name.


  2. Very pretty invites.... Oooh how exciting it must be getting....

  3. These are so pretty, my dear friend! :o) The crown is truly gorgeous. Three months away! So much excitement. I LOVE the pictures you posted last week! They made my heart smile, just like YOU do. :o) Have a sparkly day, Catarina. :o)

    Hugs and blessings!

  4. Very nice job on the diy invite. You are very creative such an exciting time for you!

  5. BEAUTIFUL your Wedding Invitation!

    Yes, that Crown is AMAZING!

    Much LOVE!!!


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