Thursday, May 31, 2012

Wedding post #11 - Kids table centerpiece

Happy thursday everyone!!!

It's been a few days since my last post... but I can promise you, that I'm up to really cute things to show you.... and you are so lucky that you can see all my wedding planning. I love that I can post here and I can always look back.  Today I would like to share with you some of the decoration that I'm working for the kids table. We have abt 10 kids at our wedding and I needed to keep them busy creating :0) 

For this project I used:

Hot glue
Small bucket at michael's
Some of my son's beet up crayons (LOL)

This is the begging of the center piece.  Not finished. 

Together with the rest of the kids goodies which I will post in a few days,
I also made these personalized crayon wrappers. 

My little one helped me put these together for the kids and ever since than he has been singing it to me.  I have also printed this coloring books for kids. You can check more on that in a previous post. 

Priceless :0) 

I hope you enjoyed my post today! 


  1. love this center! So great idea!

  2. Clever idea, I must say....after all you need to keep the kiddies pre-occupied so they can keep still and not running all over. LOL!

  3. Oh I love the personalized crayons! Too Cute!!!

  4. How fun are these!! Love how you personalized them!

  5. How adorable is this!!!! What a fun weeding it will be for the kiddos!

  6. What a cute idea!!! LOVE IT! Thanks for the inspiration!

    Heather Lynn

  7. Such a creative idea, Catarina! Love the fun little saying you printed on the crayons. I also love following your creative wedding journey on your blog so please keep posting your fun projects!

  8. so the crayons with your weeding info.


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