Friday, May 27, 2011

Cupcake Stand

Hi everyone I can't believe its memorial weekend already!!!! Time flies.. I'll tell I think my 30s are going faster them  my 20s. Its about to be my birthday again in like 2 months...

Anyways - wanted to show you what I painted yesterday.

This is actually a candle stand but with some ideas I ended up creating this cupcake stand.

Here is what you need for you to make your own:

Wooden Candle Stand (purchased at ACMoore)
Circle Wooden shape (purchased at ACMoore)
Wooden Glue 
Acrylic Paint 
Small paint brush

Glue the circle wooden shape to the candle stand. ( Let it dry for a least a couple of hours) 

I guess you will be seeing this stand from now on has a cupcake stand. 

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  1. Love this project! :o) Cupcakes certainly deserve their own stand, don't they? You did a beautiful job altering these and the color is gorgeous. Can't wait to see a cupcake atop one! :o)

    Hugs and blessings! :o)


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